Ernesto Camacho   Neto Productions

Ernesto is a native New Yorker who graduated from the High School of Art & Design in 1979 were he studied under renowned living artist Max Ginsburg. He continued his studies at the University of Syracuse where he earned a BFA in 1984.

Ernesto has exhibited at various galleries in New York City and Connecticut and has won awards through out the years including, the “15th  Annual Brio Award” from the "Bronx Council on The Arts", and First Prize in Bohemia Beers, “Kahlo Challenge”, in which his painting became part of Bohemia Beers permanent collection. In 2008 his body of work was Inducted to the "Artist's Archive" at "El Museo del Barrio" in NYC. His paintings have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times, Manhattan Arts international, Manhattan Times and The Advocate & Greenwich Times.

His work centers on the experiences of people within the confines of urban life. Whether in the subway’s, streets, or in a park, Ernesto always strives to capture his subjects in a moment that solely belongs to them; always adding a certain dignity regardless of whether they have much, or little.  At times, the observer is given points of reference to understand the situation at hand; but in most cases, it’s left up to his imagination to interpret what is going on; inviting the onlooker to become part of the painting, rather than just a bystander.

Ernesto’s life long fascination with the trains and people of New York City has inspired him to do an ongoing series entitled, “Diaries of a City”. As a former Ballet Dancer, he has also devoted an ongoing series devoted to dance entitled,

"Dreams of Color".