I was born and raised in the South Bronx during the 70’s when it was burning down. Those days left indelible impressions in my mind and heart that I will cherish down till this day. Many of these memories included the sound of congas echoing off the project walls late into the summer evenings; Riding the trains to and from high school, which introduced me to an evolution of graffiti on subway cars that resembled art galleries on wheels. Then, there where the smells of our “comidas creoles de Puerto Rico” that permeated my native hallways.

  My neighborhood was rich with Puerto Rican and African American culture. These elements brought excitement to my young imagination. Although people spoke abusively about the Bronx during the seventies, I found only good in my environment, much like “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”.

  These memories; these cultures rich in history, art, food, and dance, have influenced the way I paint with a potpourri of never ending subject matter. A subject matter filled with affection & storytelling; captured with an abundant use of light, darkness, and refracted colors that can only be provided by a place like...

"The Bronx"

Ernesto Camacho   Neto Productions


In 2014, I was one of the artists

Featured in the Documentary film,    

"Artistic Energy: The Bronx"