"They can say whatever they may say...


But the Bronxwill always

be beautiful to me.

It's Home."  

Who are Latinas?

This is the story of a beautiful Immigrant...

"Mi Abuelito"

"Thru movement I found my calling

Thru Ballet I found my voice"

Misty Copeland

Copyright © Ernesto Camacho. All rights reserved.

Ernesto Camacho   Neto Productions

Latino/la teeno/ (plural-nos)  A fusion of different people from distant lands who came together with the indigenous populous thru a turbulent past, and blossomed into a new type of people made up of different hues, textured hairs, and colored eyes; all under the umbrella of one language...


“We fought against them
We fought for them.
We protected our people.

They try to hide our faces,
and yet…

We’re still here.
We’re never leaving.
Glorious days are coming.”